Things You Should Look for in a Refrigerated Transport Logistics Service

Things You Should Look for in a Refrigerated Transport Logistics Service

Things You Should Look for in a Refrigerated Transport Logistics Service

Around one-third of fresh fruits and vegetables produced on a global scale end up as solid waste because their quality has dropped below the bar? Food losses often occur in refrigerated transport services due to mismanaged operational procedures, use of dysfunctional equipment and mishandling.

Unfortunately, a majority of freezer truck services fail to deliver the goods while they’re in their best condition. A reliable refrigerated transport company should be able to safely deliver your goods that you’ve trusted them with. Given that the goods that are being transported have a small shelf life, it is essential for the refrigerated transport service, to deliver your goods in pristine state, irrespective of the weather outside, or the distance to be covered.

Here are a few pointers to help you pick an appropriate service.

Team: You need to hire a carrier service that is well versed with the standard operational procedures and rigorously exercised protocols. Carriers should be well prepared to deliver the cargo successfully, safely, and in a timely manner. It’s always a good idea to choose a team of well trained professionals to handle each particular item with respect to its individual environmental requirements and fragility, to ensure that food items are delivered in prime state each time.

Protocol Dictated Procedures: Choose a service that employs a set of standard protocols specific for each product, to ensure the individual demands of any product you wish to transport are met, down to the smallest detail. These protocols are to be meticulously followed to ensure that a particular product is carried and handled exactly the same way each time.

Equipment: The unforgiving Dubai sun often damages refrigeration unit compressors, rendering it ineffective to preserve inside temperatures. Similarly, blocked bulkheads, a frequent occurrence in most refrigerated transport businesses cause an irregular distribution of cold air making some items warmer than the other. The freezer transportation you hire should be equipped with ultra-modern equipment regulate and maintain the internal temperature as per the specific needs of the goods being transported, irrespective of weather conditions outside.

Carrier System Environment: Faulty hinges in most weary refrigerated trailer trucks cause leaks. It is vital for refrigerated trailer doors to be completely sealed because this allows the complete separation of inside air from the air outside. Therefore, you have to make sure that the transportation service you hire has thermally-isolated container systems, to offer a safe, well-maintained harbor for the goods.

Frequently Calibrated Sensors: A common error in the reefer transport industry includes sensor malfunctions. Sensors in the refrigeration unit are required to be calibrated at all times in order to accurately detect and display inside temperature. An uncalibrated sensor which is often overlooked, displays inaccurate readings, giving the driver the illusion of well kept temperature conditions at the expense of spoiled goods. Trucks should be in-check and continually calibrated to prevent such occurrences.

Service Rates: Pricing is an important factor to look for while hiring freezer transportation services. Choose a service provider with an extensive fleet of vehicles. A service without a sound fleet base will have to rent special vehicles and containers for certain products, and this will eventually increase the service cost.

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