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Temperature Controlled Transport Dubai

Temperature Controlled Transport

Frost Dubai Refrigerated Transport began as a family road transport business and has now extensive experience with over 10 years in the industry and far-reaching prospects for the future.

We are located in Dubai & Abu Dhabi areas.

Punctuality, reliability and flexibility are just some of the values that define us. We have highly qualified staff that ensure both collection and delivery are completed as swiftly as possible. We will always adapt to your needs because your confidence in us is our main concern.

Our modern fleet of vehicles equipped with GPS tracking systems allow us to know where your goods are at all times. As a company concerned about the environment we comply with all Dubai regulations.
Being specialized in temperature controlled transport of goods, we have bi-temperature refrigerated semi-trailers equipped with thermometers, which allows us to transport any stock with the attention required, adapting to the needs of each product.

We are dedicated to transportation whether it is national or international, export or import. That is why France, Germany, Norway and Finland are among the countries in which we are working, showing our willingness to open our borders to wherever our services are needed.

From fruit and vegetables to meat and fish, or any commodity that requires a Temperature Controlled Transport environment, we can transport it to any destination. We specialise in the transportation of refrigerated goods.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.